Prof. Dr. Nancy A. Almodovar, PhD


PhD Apologetics (Trinity), MTh Apologetics (Trinity), MACS (Luther Rice), BA Apologetics (Trinity), 

Fellow  (Park Univ.), Certificat d'Assuidite (Strasbourg), Dipl. Christian Apologetics (Strasbourg)

Professor of World Religions 

Nancy was born and raised in a Holiness Pentecostal home and church. In 1986 God graciously converted her and she was baptized that same year and received the forgiveness of her sins and new life, God placing His Name on her.

In 1994 Nancy served Wycliffe Bible Translators in Mexico and Guatemala.  After returning, she left the church of her childhood and attended a non-denominational church where she met and later married the love of her life, Roberto. Together they served God in a charismatic church getting involved in the New Apostolic Reformation movement. However, they soon realized that they were being taught false doctrines and sought out a more faithful tradition. This search eventually lead to Calvinism and the Dutch Reformed traditions where God's Sovereignty and the sufficiency of the Bible were emphasized.

This search for truth eventually lead to Nancy's pursuit of higher education and resulted in a BA in Apologetics in 2008 an MA in Apologetics and Philosophy in 2010 and a Doctorate in Apologetics and Theology in 2012.

In 2014 Roberto retired and they moved to Idaho and began attending a Reformed Church. Nancy, however, throughout these years, struggled with assurance of salvation. The Calvinistic doctrine of Election and Reprobation offered her no comfort. Often waking at 2 or 3 am panicking that she was not of the elect, Nancy would cry herself back to sleep. Ashamed that she would help other women who lacked assurance of salvation and yet she did not have it herself, she never shared this with her husband. Her struggles and spiritual depression only grew.

However, in 2017 God's providential will would move in their lives to change churches. That year the winter was so harsh that they could not drive the 50+ miles to their Reformed Church. Longing for the preached word, Roberto came upon a Lutheran Service on TV and they would watch it together. By April of that year Nancy longed for a church closer to home so she could have friends that lived nearby.  They were so impressed with the simplicity of the preaching on Worship Anew (then Worship for Shut-Ins) that they emailed the program for a church nearby. That led to them visiting and attending Faith Lutheran - LCMS and to being catechized and converting to Lutheranism becoming members by September of that year.

Throughout this time Nancy's hunger for learning led her to attend Luther Rice Seminary and earn another Masters in Christian Studies. However, the ladies at Faith Lutheran saw that she loved apologetics and sent her, in 2019 to Strasbourg France to attend Dr. John Warwick Montgomery's International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism and Human Rights. There Nancy was introduced to a rigorous regiment of study under highly skilled and educated leaders in each of their fields.  Nancy took the written exam and earn a certificate in apologetics.  Her desire to become a Fellow of the Academy led her to seek out a proper topic and she worked on her Thesis on the History and Theology of Modern Pentecostalism to be presented in 2022 to the Professors in Attendance and other students. Then an Oral and Written Exam will be taken to complete this degree.

In the meantime, Nancy was offered an opportunity to pursue a degree in a topic for which she has been passionate the last decade or more: Church History.  This summer (2021) she enrolled at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary to earn a third Masters in Church History.
Nancy is a published author with over 30 books on Amazon. However, her latest works are apologetic in nature.

Many of Roberto and Nancy's friends were confused when they converted to Lutheranism so she wrote about their experience and the theological reasons for embracing Confessional Lutheranism in her book The Accidental Lutheran: Our Journey from Heidelberg to Wittenberg.  

In April 2021 Nancy's apologetic work Creedal Apologetics was published. This book teaches Christians how to use the Apostles' Creed for both proclamation and defense of the Christian faith.

Currently there are several other books in works for publication this year; Reasons to Reason (a book to encourage Christians to learn about apologetics), They Were Eyewitnesses (uses the sermons in the Book of Acts to show the Apostolic Pattern for proclaiming and defending the Faith) and Nothing Else Matters: How the Resurrection of Jesus changes EVERYTHING.  

Nancy is available to speak to your Ladies group, such as LWML or your adult Bible Studies on Apologetics. Her "rubber hits the road" apologetic style is  engaging, simple and practical.  Her passion for truth and defending the faith is refreshing and and the same time vigorous.  If you would like to talk to Nancy about coming to your church please use the Contact Form below or email her at drnancyalmodovar@gmail.com

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