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Regional One-Day Seminar

Cost: Suggested Donation of $49.99 per person

During my travels this Fall through the Rocky Mountain District – LCMS and TX, after my presentations many in attendance would share with me how they would love a more intensive apologetics seminar so that they could learn, in practical ways, how to answer the questions from others about the Christian Faith.


Therefore, a one-day seminar has been created to equip and educate the layperson in how to both contend and defend the Christian Faith.  These Seminars will be Regionally based.

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What it will look like:

  1. Regionally Based:  East? West? North? South? Central US? Wherever you are located, let your Circuit or a group of churches know and they can schedule us for these One-Day Seminars.  Please let us know the dates you are thinking about and don't forget to give the information to your Pastor:

    1. May 14th, 2022 at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Boise, Idaho

    2. Summer 2022

    3. Fall 2022​

    4. Winter 2022

    5. Spring 2023

    6. Summer 2023

    7. Fall 2023

    8. Winter 2023​

  2. Speakers will include Dr. Nancy A. Almodovar and local Pastors who desire to equip the Saints in Apologetic Tools 

  3. Target Audience

    1. All Ages (Middle/High School, College and Adults) 

  4. Basic Schedule:

    1. Breakfast at 8am

    2. Speakers throughout the morning with various Breaks.

    3. Lunch is provided 

    4. Afternoon speakers with various breaks.

    5. Plenty of Q&A Time


The Book Table is open for sales throughout the day.​


Topics May Include:  


  • Apologetics Basics (I will speak on this at the beginning of the Seminar to lay a foundation)

    • Reasons to Reason​

    • They Were Eyewitnesses

  • Biblical Authority

  • Church History

  • Creedal Apologetics 

  • Jude: The Apologist

  • Creation vs. Evolution (Science)

  • Human Rights:  Abortion, Euthanasia. etc.

  • Creative Order (Marriage between one man and one woman)

  • Difference between Lutheranism & all other Denominations

    • How to reach out to non-Lutherans with the Gospel

  • Faith and Media (Film and/or Music)

    • Shadows of the Gospel in Film and Music​

  • Proofs of the Resurrection

  • NT Documentary Evidence 

  • World Religions, Cults & Sects

  • Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions as an Apologetic tool (This is distinct from my talk on Creedal Apologetics)

  • Neo-Montanism & Contemporary Heresies

  • many more possible topics


If your group would like to host a Seminar, then follow please fill out the form below.

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Participants may also purchase other books at the event.