4AM: Where does your strength lie?

It began with my name.

Wednesday, 4:03 AM: NANCY!!!

I bounce out of bed. It’s only my husband Bobby and I and he doesn’t call me, normally, by my name but Honey. I hear my name in a way I’ve never heard it before.

I run to the bathroom and find him whiter than a sheet, cold but clammy, nauseous and cannot catch his breath. I take his pressure. I can’t get a reading. (I think, “it must be the battery...”) I take his sugar level and it’s not a sugar low. I ask him, do you want me to call 911…a moment later, a feeble “yes…”

Off to the ER we go. They check his heart. Nothing wrong. They check other issues. Nothing. By then, my Pastor had shown up. The ER doctor asks my husband if he wants to stay for observation. He wants to go home. I’m shaking my head to stay and pastor says, “Nancy wants you to stay.”