A Thousand Voices

Here is the hymn from which my blog title is drawn.


Other than Christmas, for me, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is a time to reflect on what the Lord has given to us, though we do not deserve anything good that comes our way. This year is one that is definitely for the books. God’s grace and gracious mercies to my husband and I are quite evident. Over the years I have struggled, due to bad theology, to understand that God is a Good Father and delights in giving His creation good things. However, reading the Bible for what it says, you know, the Lutheran manner, has made me even more grateful for the gifts of His Grace, given in the Sacraments, as well as those benefits He gives day today.

Teach me to pray

God has given many gifts this year to me, not the least of which is that my husband, Bobby is still here to tease me, make jokes and lead us in the truth of God’s Word. Those new to my blog may not know that Bobby almost went Home in August, however, God left him here. Our home is always filled with jokes and laughter and a good amount of true love. In that situation, I learned to pray. To really pray. I learned not to think like a Calvinist and figure, Well, it’s all been set in stone so why bother asking God to heal Bobby. If it’s His will it’s going to happen and if not, well it just won’t. I remember turning to my dear sister and friend, Debby, as she drove us to the hospital to meet up with Bobby and saying, “Honestly, I just don’t know how I’d be dealing with this if I were still reformed/Calvinist.” She heartily agreed.

I learned to Pray. I learned that God invites us to come and ask for what we need. I learned that the story of the widow who kept bugging the judge was really what God said we could do when we prayed: keep asking. I learned that God invites us to ask and also that He invites us to cry and pour out our hearts and fears to Him. All my Christian life I struggled with prayer. In this event, He was teaching me it was okay to come and ask and ask and ask again.

I learned that when He says to cast all our cares upon Him because He loves us that He really means it. I learned that my Heavenly Father is not that stern taskmaster but rather, well, my Father in Heaven. I learned to pray. As Bobby would say and is probably thinking as he reads this, “What he has to go through so I learn these lessons.” LOL.