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#ApologeticsWithMe to Resume

After much prayer I have decided to resume the Apologetics courses (An Apostolic Apologetic) on Monday, April 20th at 2pm MT on Acts 3:12-26.

Thanks to friends who work with ZOOM as well, additional safeguards have been put into place. One of those is that you now must register for the course here ( on the homepage and click on the box for "Register for Zoom Meeting" each week. A link with the password will be sent out to those who have filled out this form and clicked the box.

Other safeguards to be implemented:

  • The link to the Zoom Meeting will NOT be posted on this blog so that it will lessen the possibility of being zoom-bombed again.

  • You will not be able to "share"

  • You will not be able to invite friends, so they must register first.

  • No videos or audios will be shared from your screen as the Host (that's me) will have sole control of the screen.

  • The classroom (Zoom room) will be locked 5 minutes into class time to avoid anyone trying to get in without permission.

I do apologize, again, to all who joined last week and experienced the #zoombombing.

I hope that you will join me again on Monday April 20th at 2pm Mountain Time for the 2nd lesson on An Apostolic Apologetic.

We will be looking at Peter and John's defense of the faith in Acts 3:12-26.

Sign up Here:

OR email me your name and that you are registering for the Zoom course at:

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