Athanasius Against the World

For the past two weeks I have been teaching on Athanasius of whom the Athanasian Creed is named, though he did not write it. The lectures are posted in the Apologetics Videos section of this blog and I encourage you to watch and hopefully learn about this great man of God.

Athanasius stood against 90-95% of the church which had fallen for the Arian heresy that Jesus was a created being and not fully God. Amongst the heretical teachings of that day were also the Modalists. While we categorize the Jehovah's Witnesses as Arians many do not realize that many popular teachers today, familiar faces, books in the front of the Christian bookstore, are modern Modalists (TD Jakes, Paula White, to name two among the many.) Also, many pentecostal churches deny the Trinity using Three Personalities instead of the historic and biblically based term Three Persons of the Godhead.

Athanasius was the staunchest ally of the Trinity and the Deity of Christ and we would benefit to study this doctrine in a day where truth seems to not matter much anymore.

Next Monday, March 15th the Zoom lessons will be held (2pm MT) and you are welcome to join our group and participate with us. To prepare, I ask that you read through the Athanasian Creed and watch the two videos as well here: Part 1 and here: Part 2 .