Becoming a Fellow

Three years ago (2019) upon my return from my first time at the International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism and Human Rights, (click here to sign up for next year's Academy) I knew I would be returning with Thesis in hand and ready for another 2 weeks of training. Of course, I was to return in 2020 and then...covid. Delay after delay did not stop my dogged determination to complete my Thesis and then work to present it at the Academy to the Professors in Residence in order to earn the European degree of D.C.A. (Dipl. Christian Apologetics), nor to study hard, read a lot (oh lets just say dozens of books) in preparation for the 2022 Academy.

Copious note-taking, a delicious Alsacian (French) Breakfast and plenty of coffee, juice and waters commenced as lecture after lecture taught us about the Apologetical Task, Science and the Bible, Medical Issues the Christian faces now and what is coming down the pipeline, Legal, Historical, Philosophical Apologetics and CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien's apologetic using Literature and Myth/Fantasy.

One the first Wednesday of the Academy I presented my Thesis to the Professors and the other students attending. That is now available here for about another week and then it will be up on YouTube.