Can Christians Change the World... Again?

The past few days I read Alvin J. Schmidt’s work, How Christianity Changed the World. This is not a work I would have gravitated to had it not been on the reading list for the Apologetics Academy next year but I am grateful that it was required reading. Every true Christian should read this book and be aware just how far contemporary Christianity has fallen from that of the initial followers of Christ some 2,000 years ago.

Over the past few years as my understanding of Scripture and Church History has expanded and, hopefully, deepened, I have become keenly aware of how far from Biblical Christianity the modern-day evangelical church has fallen.

As a former Evangelical (I grew up Pentecostal and moved into the Evangelical/Charismatic movement for over a decade) I am very well aware that the churches hold that they are shrinking. I don’t think you need to be an evangelical to see that. When we moved to Dutch Reformed and now Lutheran we can see how small the congregations are.

Even with the mega-churches, those are really far and few and they have their own issues, which in many ways, this book brought out. So, evangelicals moved into what is called the Church Growth Movement. I suspect that Spurgeon would label it “Downgrade.2” and that many faithful pastors find the CGM to be shallow and, as Barna Group[1] found out, not much growth actually occurs. I have also noticed that many in the modern churches don’t seem to be like the early Christians but much more like the world…and here lies the problem.

Christianity came into a world where women and children were not valued. Marriage was not sacred. Promiscuity was accepted. The murder of unwanted children was advanced so the woman could not be saddled with responsibility. Men used boys to satisfy their lusts and it was acceptable. Men had affairs and even their wives did not care. Women couldn’t go out in public without escort and were sent to their quarters when husbands had people over. Men had legal mistresses, female infants had no value and were either drowned or more brutally murdered and some just left on piles of rubbish outside the city for birds and beasts to destroy. Homosexuality, Pedophilia, group sex and bestiality were normalized. Into t