Direct Revelation or Special Revelation (Written Word of God)

This weekend I had the privilege and challenge of discussion the modern concept of Direct Revelation with a friend. For most modern Christians this seems to be a “no brainer”…of COURSE God still speaks to people today. Well, yes He does through His Written and Preached Word. But, He spoke with finality in His Son Jesus Christ (Hebrews 1:1-4) and which the Apostles and Luke wrote down for us in the Written Word of God.

Once again, I remind my readers that I grew up in a Holiness Pentecostal home and either at the Friday night or Sunday night meetings we would have some tongues and then interpretation given almost all the time. In fact, I remember waiting with expectancy that God would tell us something in a very personal manner. Mostly it was some new revelation about surrendering oneself more and more and that we would not receive all He had for us until we absolutely surrendered.

Today, I have to say the direct revelations from God are a bit different (as I listen to other charismatic/Pentecostal and modern evangelical sermons). They tend to try to fit the Old Testament pattern of Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah or Jeremiah (not too much of him because he usually prophesied judgment and no one wants that anymore). These modern day prophets, seers or what have you, will talk about America as if she’s the new Israel (a concept steeped in the early 1800’s) and tends to get political. I’m going to stay off that part of the topic but suffice it to say, most revelations today are warnings about dangers in the weather or society that will influence politics.

My focus in the field of Apologetics has been mostly to counter these things because 1) they come from false and bad teachings, 2) they come out of false and bad teachers and 3) they’re never correct or accurate like the OT prophets, the Apostles and Jesus were. My research for the International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism and Human Rights, for my Thesis to be defended in 2020 (Lord willing) is on all of this and how it negatively effects proclaiming the Gospel. You see, if you have bad theology then you end up having bad practice as a Christian. If you follow bad leaders you’ll copy their mistakes. If you have false prophecies or warnings, then Deut. 18 kicks in and we don’t ever have to listen to you again or get nervous when doom and gloom is preached OR you get a Direct Revelatory Pep Talk from God and it ends up not coming to pass. So, I figured I would write about the history of these things and the effects as well, albeit briefly in these blog posts.