Do more. Try harder and the #FakeGoodNews

Do more…Try harder… #FakeGoodNews vs the True Gospel of Jesus Christ

This is the approach of churches who give you a Gospel PLUS


Daily devotions

Church work

Don’t do this and don’t do that (all manmade rules)

This is what I grew up in and still struggle with. Law. Most of the “law” given are not what God tells us in His Word but are rather preferences of leaders. When a believer struggles they are beaten under the law and told, “try harder next time…” or “do better” and sometimes, “do (fill in the blank with some type of human effert)”. Under this system, which even those who are counseling others cannot attain, believers are disheartened, chewed up, crushed and become despondent. They soon find that they cannot keep God’s Law (though many times the line between human requirements and God’s Word are seriously blurred) and they leave the church. Oh, they don’t leave believing in Jesus, it’s just that there are requirements and expectations they will never reach on this side of heaven. Hurting from the rocks of the law thrown at them, they cower away alone, rejected, saddened, disillusioned, hopeless and dejected. Recognizing they’ll never measure up to what a Christian is supposed to be in the eyes of those who promote this #FakeGoodNews, they remove themselves because the burden is just too great to bear.

Recently, a discussion came up in which the person stated the following: