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Extraordinary claims require Extraordinary Evidence

That is a quote from JP Moreland and it is perfect for the lectures we had yesterday on inerrancy.

If the Bible from Genesis to Revelation is NOT without error then how can we trust anything it says. But, the Bible is Inerrant, without error. The beauty of this truth is that the there is a self-authenticatying character of the Scriptures. It reveals itself that it is true and valid and its veracity is unmatched anywhere. We learned that some have also fallen for the old lie of Satan in the Garden, "did God really say?" Well, YES He did and it is verifiable and trustworthy. The sheer number of manuscripts (over 5800) and portions (partial manuscripts 25,000+) along with Latin manuscripts (10,000) along with innumerable quotations from the Church Fathers places the Greek New Testament in a class by itself. Even with variants, the manuscripts are 99.94% equivalent to each other. No other ancient text can say that.

The New Testament was written by eye-witnesses or those who worked closest to those eye-witnesses such as Mark (worked with Peter) and Luke (worked with Paul).

That the Scriptures are inerrant guarantees the core and the whole of the Scriptures and we can be assured of its message; Jesus Christ came to die for sinners and rose again from the dead. Inerrancy guarantees that the doctrines contained in the Old and New Testament are the truth and there are no errors. Clement of Rome said regarding the Bible that it is "the true utterance of the Holy Spirit". The Church, immediately received the writings of the Apostles, John, Paul, Peter, James, et al, as authoritative and in the same revelatory sense as they had done with the Hebrew Scriptures, what we now call the Old Testament.

Such assurance to know that the Scriptures which reveal God in Christ Jesus to us are trustworthy. As Martin Luther writes in his catechism: This is most certainly true.

When you defend the faith you too can be assured that the Word of God is indeed His very Word and is without error.

Aside from the 9 hours of lectures yesterday we also enjoyed a time of fellowship with Dr. Montgomery at his home here in Strasbourg. Also, the discussions around the table, at lunch and in the lounge with others who are here has been uplifting, encouraging and a time of learning for me. As I sit with other LCMS Ministers I am encouraged and strengthened in the faith. Many have asked my story and I've been able to share and have requested I keep them updated on my work in Apologetics. Walking to and from other sites have been opportunities to share what God has done and is doing in our lives.

Here are some pictures from last night's coffee and cake at Dr. Montgomery and from the lectures as well.

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