Facts over Feelings. (Refuting John Piper's Teachings)

To define saving faith apart from feelings...is futile. John Piper, Together 4 the Gospel (See: https://twitter.com/T4Gorg/status/1225592513165250561)[1]

Yes, you read that correctly. Piper links saving faith with “affections or emotions—glad dependence, thankful trust, fervent admiration, pleased submission, contented resting, thrilled treasuring...heartfelt adoration...” (John Piper, www.t4g.org)

This came across my Twitter feed last night and I haven’t been able to shake the sense that once again the Calvinist or Reformed Baptist, in this case, places the cart before the horse.

He is looking at some fruits, thankful, submitted, content, etc. and making them a definition of saving faith. Friends, this places the burden of saving faith squarely on YOU. You better feel saved or you probably aren’t.

I woke up this morning remembering two (2) specific conversations I had a few years ago, when I was still a Calvinist, with two very different women. I’ll call one, Jane and the other Cathy (neither of which is their real names) and share their struggle on this very topic and then look at what the Bible calls saving faith.

I decided to read the whole “talk” he gave and it was summarized this way:

What is the fundamental quality that sets Christians apart from the world? John Piper looks to the affections, arguing that through the gospel, we are given a new gladness in a new God. Thus, “the most basic distinction and essential distinction between the church and the world is not new decisions of the will, new deeds of the hands, or new doctrines in the mind, but a new delight in the heart in the glory of God.”[2]