Five Words Everyone Needs

  • Five Words is all you need

  • The moving truck has just pulled in to the house next door.

  • The new employee begins today.

  • A new year at school for your children begins.

  • Off to the market and you get the same store clerk at checkout again.

These are all typical happenings in our lives that bring with them an opportunity to proclaim the Gospel. Who is this new family? Is this employee going to become a friend? What type of interaction with the new teacher will happen this school year? Are they religious? Are they Christian?

In a global society such as ours, they most likely will not be Christian. You now have two choices: never tell them the good news because you don’t know how OR talk to them even if you’re nervous.

I don’t know what to say

Most of us will be nervous when getting to know someone new. Most of us won’t start the conversation about the Gospel because either we think that’s for pastors or we make the excuse, “I don’t know what to say.”

Well, first, we no longer live in a Christian society. Many of us (over 50+ years old) grew up where the majority of our friends and family attended church somewhere. There was prayer in school and bibles were permitted on campus. We knew Sundays the neighbors were most likely at church in the morning.

Today it is completely different. As my husband and I pull out of our driveway early Sunday morning, everyone else’s car/truck is still parked and the lights are usually out in their homes. As we drive through town, where there usually isn’t too much traffic, on Sundays there is almost no traffic except those going to the Mormon Stakehouse. We arrive at church having been the lone car on the drive, for the most part.

Secular World

We live in a secular world. Sadly, even for Christians, church is not important. Of course, that is probably because the church has become so law-driven (you must obey the command to come, you must do something for God…) that folks figure they can worship God in their own way and not be bound up with duty. Scripture, though, gives a completely different reason for going: God wants to serve you through the forgiveness of your sins and strengthening your faith through the preached Word and the Lord’s Supper. But, that is on a different blog post here.

So, your neighbor no longer attends church, maybe they never did. Their children have no idea the reason behind Christmas and Easter and schools no longer call those days off after the holiday but instead Winter and Spring Break. The Gospel is removed from their life and in our society they probably have never even heard it. What are you to do? You’re a mom, dad, wife, husband, aunt, uncle and not a pastor. You never went to Bible school. You’re not a seminary graduate. You’ve never studied other religions or the Bible formally. What can you say?

Five words

Five simple words. Just five (5) words that can change their life here and eternally. Five. That seems easy enough. Count the fingers on your hand; one, two, three, four, five. That’s it. What are these words? Are they easy to remember? If you’re a believer you know them already: