Five Words Everyone Needs

  • Five Words is all you need

  • The moving truck has just pulled in to the house next door.

  • The new employee begins today.

  • A new year at school for your children begins.

  • Off to the market and you get the same store clerk at checkout again.

These are all typical happenings in our lives that bring with them an opportunity to proclaim the Gospel. Who is this new family? Is this employee going to become a friend? What type of interaction with the new teacher will happen this school year? Are they religious? Are they Christian?

In a global society such as ours, they most likely will not be Christian. You now have two choices: never tell them the good news because you don’t know how OR talk to them even if you’re nervous.

I don’t know what to say

Most of us will be nervous when getting to know someone new. Most of us won’t start the conversation about the Gospel because either we think that’s for pastors or we make the excuse, “I don’t know what to say.”

Well, first, we no longer live in a Christian society. Many of us (over 50+ years old) grew up where the majority of our friends and family attended church somewhere. There was prayer in school and