Getting Equipped: Attending the Int'l Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism & Human Rights

Questions, always questions

Where is that in the Bible? Where did you get that interpretation from? Has anyone else ever taught this in the Christian Church? What Scriptures back this teaching up?

Such were the many, many questions that ran through my mind as I sat on the beautiful oak pews in the church I grew up in. If you’ve read my blog you have seen that my theological travels (some may say travails) began in the Pentecostal church in which I grew up. In 1986, though, after years of not attending (my parents instead attending a bible church in upstate NY), God saw fit to convict and convert me and I became a believer. That is when and where it began; The questions…and, sadly, not being given satisfactory answers. So, most of the time I would keep those questions to myself but they never quite went away.

A few months after my conversion to Christianity, working in Mid-Town Manhattan, I had to take the subway t