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Has it been 3 years already?

Three years ago today, Bobby (my hubby) and I became officially Lutheran as we were received into membership with Faith Lutheran Church-LCMS. I mentioned to a sweet sister in Christ last night that it seems as if we've always been Lutheran and yet, it still seems new. I will not forget my past, 20 years in Pentecostalism/Charismatic teachings and then 10 as a Dutch Reformed gal. Though there is much I need to un-learn, still more to re-learn and mostly I need to learn from the Word of God as is plainly taught, but I love my brothers and sisters who remain in those other churches. However, I long for them too, to come into the true joys of assurance which can only be found in God's Word as He works through His Sacraments.

As I reflect upon all that has happened these past three (3) years, I realize the following only touches the surface:

  1. Publishing The Accidental Lutheran