I Can Be Sure Because God... No-Doubt kind of Assurance

I Can Be Sure Because God…

A No-Doubt kind of Assurance

Over the past several weeks I have been reading, marking and learning…and a little debating as well with my reformed friends. As I read the Word of God plainly, coming to it like a child who does not know about theological hoops which they have to learn to navigate but instead approaches the Scriptures with simplicity, I am learning that God is a God of love who out of that immense love gave us Jesus Christ, our Savior, to die for us sinners even when we were yet in our sins and at enmity with Him.

I have read over and over in the Bible that God loved the world (Gk. kosmos) [John 3:16], that Jesus died for the world (Gk. kosmos) [John 1:29], that He is the propitiation (sacrifice which covers our sins and pays for them) for the world (Gk. kosmos) [1 John 2:2 & 4:10] and that the Holy Spirit will convict and convince the world (Gk. kosmos) of their sins and need of a Savior [John 16:8]. As I have written and stated in the past, if you are in this world, then Christ Jesus died for you.

This is hard for my reformed friends to understand and agree with. You see their starting point (technical term: Prolegomena) is Election.