Killing sin Through the Gospel

Killing sin through the Gospel:

Comparing Pietism’s Mortification of Sin

with God’s Scriptural remedy

“You don’t put the old nature to death, as these prophets do, through works, but through the hearing of the Word of God.[1]

--Martin Luther, Against the Heavenly Prophets

  • Hours of “waiting on God” in prayer each day

  • Altar Calls

  • Absolute Surrender to God

  • Daily devotions in a legalistic manner

  • Handing out tracts and witnessing to everyone

  • Avoiding the world; i.e. movies, dancing, games, etc.

  • Adding ANY and ALL manmade concepts of Christian piety (a good thing) leads to pietism (a bad thing).

None of those listed above will “mortify sin in you”. Not one will “kill sin” in your life. Rather, the “hearing of the Word of God” puts to death the old nature.