Look and Listen! Finding Hints of the Gospel Everywhere

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Ever notice that children’s stories are full of good folks and evil ones? Ever notice that childhood fairy tales have similar pictures?

· Damsel in distress

· Wicked someone who wants to imprison said Damsel

· Tormented citizenry

· Prince arrives rescuing said Damsel, marries her and restores the kingdom to light, life and liberty

To be honest, I never noticed this growing up or even as a grown up. They were fairy tales and beautiful romance stories which made most girls I knew want their Knight in Shining Armor to come rescue them. Then, I took a course from Dr. John Warwick Montgomery on Apologetics. His book “Myth, Allegory and Gospel is where this idea is further developed and as it states on the back , “Five…scholars all, have found orthodox Christianity embedded in the writings of the fantastic four: Chesterton, Lewis, Tolkien, and Williams.” (available here: https://shop.1517.org/products/myth-allegory-and-gospel-an-interpretation-of-jrr-tolkien-cs-lewis-gk-chesterton-charles-williams)

Though I don’t remember the exact lesson I do remember him saying this (and I’m paraphrasing): Fairy Tales tell an aspect of the Gospel. Whoa! What? The gospel is in stories by regular men? I was taught we only found the good news in the Bible? What was this new idea?