Pitied or Pivotal: Why the Resurrection Matters

"If Christ was not raised, then ALL our preaching is useless,

and your trust in God is useless"

(1 Cor. 15:14)

The resurrection is of vital importance to the Christian faith for without it there would be no transition from death to life for anyone. It is the critical event upon which ALL of Christianity stands on. If Jesus did not rise from the dead then we are to be pitied. Pitied! That is a pretty strong word. The world should feel sorry for us, have sympathy for us believing such a foolish thing could happen. We should be shamed at our gullibility at such a teaching. Consequently, the resurrection becomes the pivotal teaching of Christianity and if it did not happen we are to be pitied.


I begin with Paul using the term “pitied” because if you do not believe that Jesus rose again from the dead, physically, then you probably think that those who do should be pitied. In the great it also denotes being miserable. Imagine that! If we believe in the resurrection and it did not actually occur we should be miserable. Why? Because we’ve believed a lie which means, as Paul says, we are still in our sins and therefore in quite the miserable condition before God.

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