Reasons to Reason

This is the title to the next book (manuscript completed) that should be out late Summer 2021. Yes, I have been writing a lot since the lockdowns and quarantines. Thus far Creedal Apologetics will be out end of February or early March, then They Were Eyewitnesses (an apologetic book examining how the Apostles proclaimed and defended the faith using their own sermons in Acts) and then Reasons to Reason (several others are in the works too, For You, Nothing Else Matters and Black & White Theology in a Gray World).

Today I finished up the final chapter of Reasons to Reason and thought I'd give you a sneak peak at it's contents. Here is the chapter titled: Endurance. Since the book is primarily to those who are a bit frightened by the discipline of Apologetics, this book is written for you so that you can understand the benefits of engaging in defending the Christian faith and the benefits for you, as a believer.

I hope you enjoy.


Chapter 5 of Reasons to Reason)

No one knows what will happen in their generation. Will Christians be permitted to live their lives in quietness and peace? Or, will persecution come?

What does the study of apologetics have to do with endurance? It is simply one tool God has given us to shore up our own faith when tested. When the Apostles were challenged regarding the reasons they believed that Jesus conquered sin, death and the grave, they did not say, “I know Jesus lives because He lives in my heart.” As nice a hymn as that is it is completely focused on the wrong reasons. Your feelings will falter. Your faith will be tested. What are you basing it upon? The fleeting feelings and emotional experiences you testify about? No. But the absolute truth of God’s Word, the testimonies we have from the Scriptures, that is what will stand the test.

When Peter was telling the Christians in his letter to have an answer ready, he w