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I can't believe that we will not be able to gather together, in person, for Passion Week. As a Newtheran (New Lutheran) I have developed a true love of the Liturgy and the Church Calendar. However, I know that we can join together with the various social media outlets that so many of our Lutheran Ministers are putting out there.

So, what is happening with this Lutheran Girl? A lot. Recently I was invited to gather with a Zoom Bible Study out of Maui and share how I went from a German Pentecostal Church to a Dutch Reformed Church to converting to Lutheranism (Wittenberg). I'm hoping to record and post it here. Please email Pastor Roschke at if you want to join us.

Apologetics Series

Since I am out and about less with this virus, trying to keep a good social distance and "stay at home", I have been able to record several more videos on the 3-Minute Defense series (You'll notice they're now longer than 3 minutes, so think of a new title and email it to me at and I'll change the title.)

I'm reposting the videos here so you can watch them:

Conversation Starters

Apologetics Task Today

Apologetics in Times of Trouble

Apologetics and Polemics

3 Functions of Apologetics

LIVE ZOOM Apologetics Lessons: I am now going to offer Zoom Meetings to discuss Apologetics with you (YouTube videos will still be produced) so that you can ask questions that are pertinent to your defending the faith.

Please send me your email to with ZOOM Mtgs in the Subject to join the list and I will send out the invitation each time I schedule a live lesson. I plan on recording them and then posting to the YouTube Channel:

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