We are ALL Pigpens

An interesting thing happened recently...I heard the Pentecostalism/Evangelicalism's view of pietism at an unexpected place by an unexpected person.

Now, this blog post is not about the person who espoused and taught it, but rather about what was espoused and how easily it was received by others without question...well, except me and a few other ladies that I know of. Of course, I had to say something, so I raised my hand and asked some probing questions so as to clarify what the speaker was saying.

For those new to my blog a little history.

I grew up in the Holiness Pentecostal movement where we were constantly checking to ensure we were working hard on our sanctification. Although, it was called "Absolute Surrender" (see the book by Andrew Murray, but ONLY if reading it to refute it as it has a boat load of error in it) but it was still working on our sanctification. Our good works kept us saved (aka Synergism, a heresy that teaches we cooperate with God in our salvation.) See, it was faith PLUS good works that gets you to heaven. Wrong. X