Witnessing Enough?

Recently, in Old Paths for Today’s Women, a Facebook Group I am an Admin of, the topic of “witnessing” came up. Here is a paraphrase of the topic:

I struggle with witnessing in general…I share scripture and my testimony but is that enough? Shouldn’t there be a ‘call to action’?

This made me think back to the early days after the Lord converted me and how much I wanted to share what He had done with anyone and everyone around me. Back in the 80’s (I’m dating myself here) there were these “Promise Box” items that you could pull out a card each day and on one side it had a Scripture verse and the other a poem or short saying. This is what I pulled out one day

If each one would win one The world would soon be won A Gospel work begun If each one would win one

When I read the struggles of my sister from FB I thought to back to when I placed a bind on my conscience; I was to tell anyone and everyone I knew, met, and passed by, the Gospel. Soon I found that I was piling guilt upon myself if I missed someone. I heard all the stories of DL Moody and Billy Graham and how they share with everyone…or so I was told. I made sure to read my bible in public in the hopes someone would ask. Walking to the subway after work my path always was directed to the area where the Jehovah’s Witnesses were and you could be sure I would stop by and have a long conversation with them trying to convince them they were wrong. After years of livi