"You shall not pass..."

“You shall not pass…” Such were the words of Gandolf in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Yet, how much greater than a fictional character telling us this truth is The Truth, God's Word which says:

Learn by us not to go beyond what is written… 1 Cor. 4:6b

This verse came to my attention yesterday and I was immediately shocked. In my heart I said, "Wait?!? There’s an actual verse that tells us not to go beyond what God has revealed in His Word? How did I miss this?"

I’ll just add this verse to a host of scriptures which I seemed to have missed all my adult Christian life.

Now, I grew up Pentecostal and went into the charismatic world of the New Apostolic Reformation (which is neither new, it’s old Gnosticism, apostolic as it’s leaders were NOT apostles having never see the Risen Lord, nor a reformation but a reiteration of old heresies) and often received “words from the lord” (I’ll use lower case because they weren’t from our LORD). As I began to reform I understood the charismatic gifts (tongues, prophecy, visions and dreams) were no longer authentic because everything we need for life and godliness is in the precious promises of God, i.e. His Written Word and His Revelation was complete and therefore, finished. As my husband Bobby says, “The Bible has a back cover…” When coming out of this Gnostic/prophecying world I ended up writing A Modern 95 which deals with much of their teachings and how they don’t line up with the Bible.