The Gospel is the message Christians are to bring to a world dying apart from Jesus Christ.  The Gospel is what must dominate our conversations both within and without the Church.  What we believe must be informed by the Scriptures which point to Jesus Christ as the central message of the Christian faith.  Yet, for many, answering the questions of unbelievers is one of the most frightful and challenging tasks to accomplish.  Too many will forward the enquirer to their pastor instead of being able to give an apologetic (Gk. Apologia) or answer for their faith.  How then, are Christians to be able to defend and proclaim the faith?  Learning to use the Apostles' Creed as a guideline for apologetic discussions as well as Gospel proclamation, today's Christians will simply be utilizing the creed as it was used in the Early Church: to teach the new believer and to respond to unbelievers as to what and why we believe.


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