Saturday, May 14th 

8am - 6pm

Good Shepherd (LCMS), Boise, Idaho

8:00- Continental Breakfast

8:30- Opening Prayer

8:35 - Welcome - Jonathan Etters, President of Lutheran Girl Apologetics

8:40- Dr. Nancy A. Almodovar

             · Apologetics 101:  Biblical, Evidential & Practical

9:45- Rev. Timothy Pauls

              · Using (Bible) Stories to Defend the Faith

10:45- Break

11:00- Rev. Craig Kellerman

              · Proofs of the Resurrection

12:00- Lunch

1:00 -  Vicar Jeremy Lamont

              · Who do you say I AM? Jesus of the Bible vs. Jesus in other religions

2:00- Dr. Nancy A. Almodovar

              · Patristic Apologetics:  Defending the Faith like the Ancient Church

3:00- Break

3:20- Rev. Ross Shaver

              · The Apologetic of Virtues

4:20- Dr. Nancy A. Almodovar: 

               · Cul de Sac Apologetics: Answering the questions of those in your world

5:20- Open Forum

5:55- Closing  Prayer

Continental Style Breakfast and Lunch will be provided to all attendees.

We encourage you to Register TODAY as we have Only a few Seats Remaining.

If you cannot attend in person, please register for the ZOOM Link here.

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Lunch will be provided by Lutheran Girl Apologetics and is ordered from

Uncle Giuseppe's NY Style Heroes:

6826 N Glenwood St

Garden City

ID 83714

Please make sure to inform Your Pastor
of your desire for an Apologetics Today Seminar
so that he can schedule it with us.

Participants may also purchase other books at the event.